Special note from your hosts Walter and Haideh

Special note from your hosts Walter and HaidehWe fell in love with British Columbia in the mid 1980’s and frequently came back for visits. We both knew we wanted to live in BC, but were so busy raising three children and making a living that leaving Southern California for BC was on hold until the year 2000. By then Gabi, Pascha and Seth, our children, were grown and living on their own. At that time we started looking for a waterfront location here that would lend itself to an upscale B&B. We made approximately 8 buying trips before finding the home we transformed into Belle Vue Bed and Breakfast.

Belle Vue Bed & BreakfastYes, we bought the house, told the family we were moving to pursue our dream and shut down our long running real estate business in Pasadena, California to immigrate to Canada and become innkeepers. No regrets at all, but we do miss the daily visits with the kids and now four grandchildren something awful. Belle Vue B&B has been a labor of love. When we found the place we felt it was too beautiful not to share and our plan to open a bed and breakfast came together with incredible ease.

Running a bed and breakfast is an ongoing education and continues to be great fun. Almost 30 years in the real estate business taught us to be good listeners. Cooking was a passion before we got here. Decorating, whether choosing furnishings and linens, or making your breakfast look extra appetizing is something Haideh really has an eye for. Gardening we’ve learned on the job, with many, many mistakes along the way.

“Escape from the day to day” Reviewed November 22, 2012
“It was a great review that lead us to the Belle Vue in the first place so I hope we can influence others. The place far exceeded our expectations. As soon as we arrived you could feel your gears changing to a nice easy pace. The surroundings and sound of the waves just demand it. Our hosts Walter Haideh (as well as Tip and Pocos the dogs) were just great. They provided just enough input and guidance to make you feel at home and enough space and privacy to make you feel that you were away. We enjoyed soaking in the hot-tub on a cold rainy fall day as well as beach combing after a day of storm watching. Don’t wait for the summer as we had a fabulous time on a stormy weekend. The food was good enough to require a whole other review. We will be back.”
Andrew S – Richmond, Canada
“Best Directions!” Reviewed October 8, 2012
The hosts, Haideh and Walter, did not lead us astray with their recommendations for things to do and see or restaurants, or directions to/from the B&B to these sites. Coming from the grid-pattern prairies, we appreciated the simple and efficient directions contained on the slips of paper the hosts provided. Delicious breakfasts, the home’s beautiful setting, gorgeous views from dawn to dusk, and the comfortable bedroom made our stay very pleasurable. Enjoyable conversions with Haideh and Walter was icing on the cake. Only too late did we find out Walter has an amazing singing voice – an excuse for a return visit.
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