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Walter has been a passionate cook as long as I have known him (41+ years). In our “other” life he cooked to relax and express his creativity. These days his breakfasts may have “ordinary” names, like French Toast or Omelette, but trust that there is very little ordinary about what comes out of his kitchen to the breakfast table. Your tastebuds will be tickled in a wide range of savory to sweet and slightly spicy. Haideh has the wonderful task of making your plate look pretty and appetizing – which would be her passion. Flowers, herbs, kulis, syrups, make great decorations. So in the end not only will your tastebuds celebrate but your eyes will feast also.

To give you some examples of our breakfast menues:

  • Starters are a variety of freshly home made juices (they are what we call our “shot” of health in morning)
  • They come in many colours and tastes – berry burgundy, citrusy orange, mango yellow, kale green, kiwi light green, carrot red!
  • Followed by either a sweet – berrybanana bread with a touch of chocolate, or maybe some gooey fresh hot cinnamon rolls or a diary dish – a yoghurt parfait or our Island Farms cottage cheese with berry sauce.
  • Entrees come next – fresh herbal omelette OR mushroom/spinach vol au vent with a lime tarragon hollandaise sauce OR crunchy baked French toast with a berry sauce and variety of syrups OR “The importance of being a pancake :)” displayed all over the plate.
  • If by chance there is still room left, cereals including home made granolas are always available.

For those of our guest who have dietary restrictions gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan breakfasts are also in our repertoire and very enjoyable.

As you can see there is lots of variety and many different ways of preparation. We take the two “B”s very seriously – our beds are most comfy and our breakfasts are nutritious, filling and healthy.

Upon occasion we also offer dinners. Specifically during our winter and spring season. Many of our skiing guests prefer to eat “in” versus having to drive to town in the dark, after a full day on the mountain. Please ask when making a reservation, and we will happily discuss options.

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