We are sitting relaxing in the hot tub and what did we see?
A young’in kingfisher way up high in the maple tree trying to figure out how to eat his dinner. One of the parents was close by keeping a watchful eye. He had pierced the fish with his beak and needed to figure a way to get the fish off without losing it so that he could open his mouth. As you can see he had just achieved that maneuver. However, the next task was to move the fish so that it could slide down his gullet. A monumental task! He flipped and he flopped, shook side to side . . . . AND eventually gave up completely exhausted. The fish was quite stuck to his beak (the upper side, I think). The parent in the mean time chittered loudly. After a little while they both flew away.
I choose to believe that parent taught their young’in to wipe the fish off the beak – pick it up gently – position it such so that it can slide down the gullet and be the dinner it was meant to be.
Our wildlife is back and enormously entertaining.
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