Ready for 2013

We had a busy fall getting Belle Vue ready for 2013. It was time for a new roof so in October, during absolutely awful wet windy weather, Ryan Liebert, our contractor friend put on a new forest green metal roof. It looks terrific and gives the whole place a new persona.

Next the kitchen got a make over— hardwood floor, cabinets, wall and ceiling painted. Wow, what a difference. It feels very warm and friendly instead of the previous sterile white.

Our marketing is changing/evolving too. The province of British Columbia is no longer supporting the Canada Select program and no replacement has been put in, so our stars are gone. We hope this will not bother any of you. We know that some guests look for the star rating when choosing accommodations. All we can say is that we KNOW what the standards were for Canada Select and will do our very best to maintain them and keep your trust.

Those of you who are “dog people” may be excited to learn that Tip, our 6 year of Flat Coated Retriever, was bred to Moxie, a gorgeous 5 year old, and produced 3 healthy, beautiful pups. The little ones were born on New Years Eve and will be ready for new homes at the end of February! Call us at 866-898-8702 if you are interested in a pup; or just to say “hi” or (hopefully) to come and stay. Seriously, we’d love to hear from you. Our other dog, Pocos, is already 18 months old and is bigger than Tip! He looks great and we think will do very well in both conformation and field trials.

Because of the slow pace of economic recovery, we are continuing our “Recession Buster”, buster pricing for this year! That’s right 20% off night two and 30% off night 3. Stay a week and we’ll talk… There is so much to see and do here that you really ought to take advantage of our packages. Don’t forget that Mt. Washington has right now nearly 4 metres of snow and is only 35 minutes drive away! One nice change in local by laws is that we are now allowed to do dinners and will offer them during this winter season when we are not too busy. Give us a try! We’ll be serving German rouladen, yummy lasagna and darn good chili too! If you’d like more traditional fare we can bbq steaks or chicken. Imagine a great day on the slopes followed by a nice soak in the hottub and dinner without having to drive! That’s right, you can have a couple of glasses of wine without any driving worries. Sure sounds good to me.

On a personal note, Haideh and I are both healthy. My “ticker” is ticking very nicely and Haideh seems almost as energetic as Tip and Pocos! She continues to work the dogs in agility, tracking and field. I am still singing with Just In Time Jazz and have recently joined the Island Soul Choir. Both are challenging and wonderful fun.

Sorry for being so tardy in keeping this blog up, but the days go so fast and I always seem to be behind on one project or another.
Happy new year!