Scrumptious Days at the Beach

Summer is definitely H E R E ! Our tides have been long and wide. It must be around 20 days that we have not had any cloudy days, maybe even a bit longer. Courtenay and Comox are quite hot during the day, but the beach is lovely.

Since we have a band of rocks at the very beginning of our tide mark, there are no crowds at our beach at all. As one of guests responded when I complained about the rocks: “Don’t be mad at them, they keep the people away and so your beach is truly yours!” When the tide is out, which is most of the day in the summer, we have long stretches of sand banks blotted with purple and orange starfish, all manner of crabs – big ones – little ones- green ones – red ones – and even some polkadotted ones.

Orange Starfish




Purple starfish


CrabMost of the crabs are tiny and so they are fun to watch – the bigger ones, like the one in the picture, bury themselves quickly so they are hard to find. Survival instinct causes them to camouflage as much as they can – we are not the only ones enjoying crab legs, seagulls love them too! The tidal pools are stuffed with urchins, sea cucumbers, annemones and little fish.  As you walk across the sand gooey ducks (spitting clams) throw water at you and cool off your legs an sometimes higher parts.
Our new Deep Bay Marine Station gives us all manner of information about our local beaches and what we find swimming, climbing and crawling. It is fascinating!