With best wishes for all

THANK YOU to all our wonderful and lovely Guests over the last 19 years!

Late summer of 2001 Belle Vue B&B first opened its doors to paying guests. Just a few of months before 911 hit the world and changed our lives for ever. Now that we are facing Covid 19 and another global crisis, it is closing its doors to paying guests. Clearly the world around us is continuing to evolve and is not standing still.
So we thought it was time to join the trend of movement and create our next step in life. Many of you know Walter has been singing in choirs and musical theatre. An Haideh is still very busy with her, now only, dog Rocket. Both avocations are taking on a whole new role in our lives. We are playing without feeling guilty because some B&B chore has been left undone. What a different feeling.

Walter is preparing for the day/evening that we can gather again and enjoy music together – with performers on a stage without having to socially distance. May it come soon! The Quarantones are practicing and expanding their repertoire weekly. This group of 8 male voices was formed recently and is growing in knowledge and sound. They practice out doors – 6 feet apart – and can hear each other and “lean” on each other musically. Can you imagine what they will sound like once they are indoors and next to each other? It’ll be phenomenal. The Beachstreet singers meet weekly, again outdoors with appropriate distancing and delight the neighbourhood and anyone driving by and stopping for a listen. And of course the Men of Notes, not to be forgotten, are improving their music weekly. Walter is a busy singing man!

Though Rocket is our only dog, at this time, his talents are taking us all over different sports. Obedience, (a sport, not a daily occurrence!), Rally Obedience, Scent work, field and hunting retrieves are weekly organized sessions. Plus, of course the daily practice sessions at home. Then there has to be some beach play, fun walks, exploring other canines, an occasional breeding and new puppies – all part of this package.

It will be wonderful to have our kids and grandkids come up at any time of the year without concern about the reservations and guests who might be disturbed. They are all growing up and spreading out into their world. So Grammy and Grampy can now orbit their lives and schedules. Nobody will feel squeezed into a time slot. We are free and footloose. Woohoo!

The past 19 years have taught us much. Not the least of which is that everyone has a fascinating story – every life is full of amazing wonders – tragedies and miracles! You, our guests have our ever lasting gratitude for sharing your stories with us. Creating memories that are vivid and colourful. Every nook and cranny in this house holds a picture of you feeling refreshed, getting back in touch with your joie de vivre.
As one of final guests from Salt Springs wrote into our guest book:

“I think of the hundreds of people and their stories you have encountered. May these next years be filled with the qualities of peace, passion and joy – returned to you many times over for the gift of those you have given to all of us”

This has been a two way street! Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing our path!

With best wishes for all, we remain,

Walter and Haideh


PS — For all of our Comox Valley guests who are looking for a wonderful place to stay, may we recommend Ellerslie B&B,  on the beautiful shores of Buckley Bay — about 30 minutes south of us.